About Us

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We at Los Altos Auxiliary work to enhance the lives of the boys at El Nido, a residential home in Altadena for emotionally and physically abused boys. With funds from generous supporters like you, we have been able to help enrich the lives of the residents in meaningful ways: their first on-campus library, computer stations , a silk screening business, and an art center. 

These improvements have fostered healing and individual growth for these boys. 

Our more “hands-on” approach includes monthly birthday cupcakes (sometimes a first for the birthday boy) and Target gift cards, homemade blankets that are theirs to keep,  a trip to Disneyland on Christmas Day for those boys who cannot spend the holidays with their families, and Easter bags! Our most popular event, a Halloween Carnival, provides the boys with hours of fun, healthy competition, games, and pumpkin decorating.  Most of the boys have never been to this type of event.  

Their gratitude puts into perspective why we at Los Altos do what we can to make a difference in these boys lives!